See how ANY business works

All 8 business areas and their relations

Get many ideas for improvement

The 1 day hit seminar that unravels how ANY business works

What is SpeedMBA

Get to learn all main areas of any business in this 1-day seminar: strategy, innovation, organization, management, finance, improvement, people management and leadership – and their logical relations.


For the business: get many ideas for improvement, sharpen internal and market fitness. For yourself: get integral by digging the bigger picture, and all the elements of business. For staff: enhance their ability and motivation.


FREE insight in the big picture in only 2 pages!

For whom

You want more overview and grip, better performance and interactions, get a load of improvement ideas, and self-development. Employers want to develop their people, enhancing their motivation and ability. More…


Participants said things like: game changer in understanding my business • immediate advantage • unbelievable • so much value for money • very inspiring • amazing amount and clarity • happy with my lifelong homework •  More…

New: 100 Business Bites (in Dutch)

100 grand ideas, models and thinkers. Reached Top 20. Only in Dutch.



Dr. Machiel Emmering (economics, business administration) worked as a researcher, consultant, trainer/coach, for & with Sara Lee, Philips, ING, Mastercard, Heerema and many others. More…

Free articles

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€ 395 per person excl. VAT. Quite less than elsewhere. Besides price, please also compare WHAT and HOW MUCH you’d get with other suppliers. SpeedMBA is not only cheaper, but also a lot more.

SpeedMBA in book format (in Dutch)

For free with the seminar. In the shops: hardcopy 24,99 – eBook 18,99. Great reviews on multiple platforms.

As of lately I have started to convert SpeedMBA into a digital format. I would like to develop an (English) e-course of all the material for a low price so everyone can have access to business insights. The crowdfunding campaign has ended, but if you’re interested in purchasing this new e-course, contact me! For more information also see:

Invest in yourself and in your company

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