See how ANY business works

All 8 business areas and their relations

Get many ideas for improvement

The 1 day hit seminar that unravels how ANY business works

What is SpeedMBA

Get to learn all main areas of any business in this 1-day seminar: strategy, innovation, organization, management, finance, improvement, people management and leadership – and their logical relations.


For the business: get many ideas for improvement, sharpen internal and market fitness. For yourself: get integral by digging the bigger picture, and all the elements of business. For staff: enhance their ability and motivation.

For whom

You want more overview and grip, better performance and interactions, get a load of improvement ideas, and self-development. Employers want to develop their people, enhancing their motivation and ability. More…


Participants said things like: game changer in understanding my business • immediate advantage • unbelievable • so much value for money • very inspiring • amazing amount and clarity • happy with my lifelong homework •  More…

100 Business Bites. Machiel Emmering

100 Business Bites (in Dutch)


100 grand ideas, models and thinkers. Reached Top 20. Only in Dutch.



Dr. Machiel Emmering (economics, business administration) worked as a researcher, consultant, trainer/coach, for & with Sara Lee, Philips, ING, Mastercard, Heerema and many others. More…

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€ 395 per person excl. VAT. Quite less than elsewhere. Besides price, please also compare WHAT and HOW MUCH you’d get with other suppliers. SpeedMBA is not only cheaper, but also a lot more.

Business course book

SpeedMBA in book format (in Dutch)

For free with the seminar. In the shops: hardcopy 24,99 – eBook 18,99. Great reviews on multiple platforms.

Business course

NEW: SpeedMBA is now online!

The online version of SpeedMBA is now live! The core of an entire business study in 350 online slides and 13 online video hours. In either Dutch or English. Learn ALL of business in your own time, at your own pace, for an ultra-low price! For more information go to:

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